visual games

Visual Games are installations that consist of interconnected paintings, without a right side up, that can be touched, relocated and reassembled in different combinations by others. They take the form of a visual dialogue or a game without a fixed solution, opening up new ways for interaction, viewing and interpretation.

Through playful interaction I invite the audience/participants to overcome the passive viewing of a perfect, precious, untouchable and fixed ‘masterpiece’, challenging the traditional conditions of painting. The work is in an open situation; its structure is in a constant process of (re)creation and becoming. It embodies or suggests a sense of ‘re-location’, both literally and metaphorically, which might reflects the necessity to reconsider location in terms of fixed places, painting in terms of fixed objects and the artist as a sole author.

puzzling in one (me) from Maria Gouveli on Vimeo.

Open Game from Maria Gouveli on Vimeo.

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