Play Time / UAMO Festival 2013

The intention of the organisation is to support national and international artists on an interdisciplinary level. Since the foundation in 2003, the non-profit associ- ation has been annually organising a four- day art festival in the city of Munich.

‘Why Not’

Visual Game

As a practitioner moving and “living in a world beyond cultural boarders” (Sullivan 2005), my experiences of visiting, living and working in diverse localities, enables me to ‘move’ through different experience and to engage with new ideas. Drawing on the physical properties of painting as (trans)portable, paintings are relocated and reassembled according to instructions. Similarly to play “While it is in progress all is movement, change, alteration, succession, association, separation” (Huizinga 1970), my work embodies notations with reference to maps, networks and rhizomatic structures, that are constantly changing and developing towards new manifestations. The intention to use painting as a platform for interaction reflects Bahktin’s notion of the dialogic; a form of communication and exchange across both geographical or language boundaries. Through participation and playful interaction, I attempt to represent not one voice’s fixed statement but an on-going process of response. The openness and the sense of play are means to share the creative processes and connect my own subjective world to others. Artists and audience are increasingly “on the move” (Papastergiadis), which might reflect the breaking down of certainties and the necessity to reconsider location in terms of fixed places, painting in terms of fixed objects or the artist as sole author.

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