Crossing the Line

In tense times of political instability and disappointment, people unite in various ways and for different reasons. We realise or remember that (almost) every one of us experience similar situations; having to deal with the problems and anxieties. Our boundaries subside; the need for support increases and social relationships are strengthen. The grow of alternative forms of economy and community outreach shows that people connect/relate to each other and decide how they want to live.

Today’s reality urges, not only artists but all of us, to question our existence, to redefine priorities, to dare for small or big changes and to challenge commodities. The exhibition has a common base; our need to exchange our ideas and finding our voice as women artists. This encounter is to become not only the expression of each artist's ‘statement’ but to evolve as a process of responses. We consider that coiling and ‘polyphony’ (in Greek literally means ‘many voices’), promoting dialogue, helps us to ‘cross some lines’ and that meaning “is not produced through one single/sole voice but it occurs from the interaction of voices and the existence of the right of speech” (p.91)1. Entrenchment and isolation of people and of ideas cannot be the model in a contemporary society of extensive mobility. Division lines and boundaries refer to exclusion and oppose the construction of a pluralistic society. Syros is an example of an open and diverse community, an ideal environment to start the dialogue.

The exhibition outlines the themes that we are exploring and reflects our intention that, beside their diversity, the works can interplay/co-exist in an interactive relationship. The works are transported to the island, re-combined and installed to generate new narratives. M.Bahktin states that “notions cannot stay fixed (completed and finished) they will be changing and renew themselves always through the process of future developments of the dialogue” (p.73). The intention of this exhibition is to encourage the emergence of new links, which can open up new interpretations between the artworks and artists and between artwork and viewers.

The exhibition, in collaboration with the Multi-space of Culture and Creation, contributes to the decentralization of the arts, becomes a platform of communication beyond geographical boundaries and brings the local community in contact with contemporary visual art. It brings into realisation the ‘crossing of division lines’ and fulfills our need to have a supportive and constructive role. The title of this exhibition refers to stepping out of the comfort zone and convenience, deliverance from boundaries and also to the tendency - especially of artists - to take risks. It encourages artists and audience to overcome dilemmas, insecurities or exclusion and to continue daring, experimentation and setting sail for new adventures.

Curation: Maria Gouveli

Projetos em Crossing the Line

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